About Us

Sehreeti is a platform of ‘collective practices’ which engage with the urban environment. These practices encompass urban development practitioners, policy makers, planners, designers, artist, funders, governing bodies, private sector, real estate lobby, market and trades, consultants, data managers, all allied professionals – such as sociologist, anthropologists, economists,  civil society, various stakeholder groups , citizens at large and so on. Sehreeti aims to host and network amongst various actors and processes that are affecting and shaping our urban milieu.  Build on the mission to nurture ‘engagement’ and ‘participation’ of all actors for creating an inclusive urban environment, the three main objectives of Sehreeti are:

  1. Awareness and developing knowledge about urban environs
  2. Strengthening voices of multiple and inter-disciplinary voices of stakeholders
  3. Providing tools and methodology to engage with urban processes

These objectives will be carried forth through multiple activities such as:

  1. Workshops, seminars, talks, webinars etc with varied stakeholders strengthening their knowledge and ability to engage in the urban settings
  2. Formulating knowledge material, guides, manuals , readers, informal blogs and news digests on urban issues
  3. Empirical research, documentation and dissemination of various issues and stories of urban change
  4. Policy discussions, Participatory planning, placemaking and urban design interventions
  5. Creating community of practice(s) and active network of urban act

You can reach us at : sehreeti@gmail.com

Visit our FB page: Sehreeti