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Missing – the Mumfordian City

So many theorists, writers, poets have described what city is. ..

In today’s google baba’s age, if you type CITY and jump to images section, this is what you see:


And then if you type the other extreme – village, this is what you see:


And then you wonder – Why in the world do we move to those stark almost ghostly looking Cities?! Devoid of life, devoid of greens, devoid of people and devoid of all the romanticized city as a theater of social life? – really??

Then I protruded to see City Life


Here comes village life:


And then I typed – City Development, this is what I got:


Here is village development:


I don’t know about you, but just by the mere observations of above images such as:

  • Number of people I see in two scenarios (city versus village)
  • The colors and vividness
  • Approachable scale – birds eye view of cities versus eye level view of villages
  • Clear Sky
  • Sense of clear air

I really think Mumford was mistaken…



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