cities · poetry

I’m your heritage

– by Aqsa Rafi

I was built by one of you

I gave shelter to a few

Built to splendour and magnificence

Now, I am left in silence


Once a marvel and a pride to you

I wore gems and jewels a new

Built as a gift or for glory

Now, my carved walls are left with a story


My proportion and materials were decided by you

I advocated your architectural style all years through

Built to only savour my beauty

Now, you runaway from your duty


With my might I defended you

I assured safety to you

Built to fortify and stand strong

Now, you let me weaken isn’t that wrong


Once adored and cared by you

I memorised thoughts and cultures that were new

Built to encapsulate your dint

Now, you feel I cling on to your sleeves as a lint

1503943266834-346900603NB–  Photograph by Nidhi Batra

About the poet: Aqsa is a trained architect and is pursuing Masters in Urban Regeneration. Avid city lover, expresses herself through design and poetry.


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