The most ‘beautiful’ illustrative blog on Amsterdam by Aarti Dhingra

The Invisible Flâneuse

Living in Amsterdam is as if I were living in more than one era. The city lives in both its past and its present. It has been living a double life for centuries.

The city was built on marshland, on the sandy corner where the Amstel river flowed into the IJ. Legend has it that a heron advised two travellers to build at that spot by prophesying: “Your houses will become a hamlet, the hamlet a village, the village a town, the town a city – and the city will one day rule the whole world!” And so it did. In the 17th Century, it was at the centre of the world economy, experiencing it’s Golden Age. It lies below the sea level; the city that grew up on the IJ and sank, only to rise again.

Mute witnesses to what happened still exist in their thousands. The canal houses…

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